Creating a fully dynamic website for Bar K Dog Bar

Bar K Dog Bar is a full service bar and restaurant surrounded by a thoughtfully designed, fully staffed, two-acre off leash dog park. As they expand into multiple large cities, they approached Twofold Media with a need for a new website, built with a foundation for future growth.

The Challenge.

As Bar K expands into major cities, they needed a website that could grow with them.

Before beginning the project, we took the time to understand Bar K’s current problem, and what the best long term solution would be for their company.

The question was, how do we create a unique website experience for each national location – which meant unique events, menus, membership forms, social medias, private event spaces, and more – and tailor that experience to each individual customer?

Custom Integrations.

We knew it was important for Bar K that a new website would improve their digital presence & experiences, but it was also important that it integrated with their membership CRM solutions and retail store.  

Intuitive and Robust.

Bar K was looking for a website build that was flexible enough for their team members to go and make small changes, while also have the capability for fully custom pages and more complicated solutions or integrations where needed.

Our Solutions


Custom mega-menus & mobile/tablet menus for an easy to navigate experience.

The first step in any website build is mapping out the information architecture, and creating an easy to understand website experience. 

We strived to mix both great design with ease-of-use, where a customer enjoys both a high quality website experience that doesn’t sacrifice basic UI & UX principals.

To extend further, this is why we built a somewhat different version of the website for Mobile compared to Desktop / Tablet.

Fully dynamic location pages, events, & menu with back-end data structure and data display.

As Bar K expands into new markets nationally – we needed a solution for locations that would make adding new locations simple and easy.   Along with simplicity, it needed to make sense from a user perspective that all social icons, hours, phone numbers, events, and overall location information was accurate to their specific Bar K location.  These dynamic features will allow for that in the future.

Ecommerce integration, Facebook Commerce, and Google Merchant.

Bar K has a wonderful selection of apparel, dog merch, accessories, & more.  We built their ecommerce platform with integrations in mind, which can facilitate future inventory in multiple locations along with standard ecommerce marketing principals – such as email marketing, SMS marketing, retargeting, & more.

We laid the foundation for further ecommerce marketing in the form of dynamic catalog retargeting, Instagram product tagging, & more by connecting their product catalog to both Google Merchant & Facebook Commerce.


Website Content & Design

Photography, Video, & Icons

What separates a “good” website from a “great” website is thoughtful content, video, photography, and custom icons.  We knew going into the project that we wanted to go all out on great video banners, high level photography, and custom icons for their desktop mega-menu & locations pages.

Custom Icons

Finding new ways to engage

Video Content & Banners

3.. 2.. 1.. Launch!

The final step, and our favorite - the website launch.

It is a great feeling when hours of work, collaboration, meetings, and revisions comes together to a fully finished, well built website.  Upon completion, our team transfers the website build from our build environment to the live domain overnight, so no disruptions occur.  The final steps include:


What they're saying

We recently had Twofold redesign our website and couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and quality provided by their team. It was refreshing to have a company truly work as a partner who shares not only the same enthusiasm for the project, but also a no-compromise commitment to quality.

David Hensley, Partner & Owner

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