Creating a unique website experience for Computer Cave.

Computer Cave is a brick & mortar device repair company with a single location in Richmond. They approached us with a need for both a new web presence, and continued help with their Google Ads, SEO, and content marketing strategy. See how we helped.

The Challenge.

Computer Cave approached Twofold with the need for a new website that could facilitate a great user for experience for the core pillars of their business – repairs, buyback, custom PC builds, and selling.

One of the core challenges we face is one that other businesses often face – transitioning from one agency managing their marketing to another.  We knew that in order to be successful, we would have to start from square one in their website, and slowly rework the marketing initiatives that the new website would further utilize.  Here is what we did:

Website Overhaul

Step 1 – help our client understand that their website should be an airtight marketing machine.  We did a full rebuild, mapping out the entire new experience for their customers from when they landed on the home page, to making a conversion action.

RepairStack Plug-in

The next step is integrating our RepairStack plug-in with their needs in mind.  This means utilizing features they need, while removing features they don’t.

For every individual repair client, we curate the plug-in to work how you want it to.

Google Ads & Analytics

We operate on complete transparency, with the question that you should be asking daily – how is my website performing?  We take the time tag every possible conversion metric and weigh it accordingly, and create custom reports to keep you informed on how your website performs month over month.

SEO (Technical and Content)

Attention to detail is everything, and no stone should go unturned.  We optimized their site from top to bottom when it comes to industry standard SEO practices, and continue to measure and grow their website through white-hat SEO practices.

Our Solutions


A New Website Experience

For Computer Cave it was essential that we built a cohesive, great user experience for all of the pillars of their business.  From repairs, to custom pc builds, to buyback and selling – all of these needed their own unique experience where a user could quickly and easily find what they were seeking out.

Along with this, we wanted to make a design that built trust right away, and established Computer Cave as the best option for their customers in Richmond.

Custom Features

With our websites, everything is custom.  This includes their blog setup, listings, pages, headers, mobile/tablet menu, and more.  

Paid Ads Management

Running Google Ads for any repair shop is one of the biggest challenges to overcome.  For the repair industry as a whole – Google doesn’t allow for any ads surrounding the “Repair” keyword or the repair industry in general.

We created very custom campaigns that directed to custom landing pages, which allowed us to workaround these restrictions while still being compliant with Googles policies.

SEO | Technical and Content

For any SEO initiatives, we divide SEO into two parts – technical SEO and an SEO content strategy:

Technical SEO

For Technical SEO, we built dynamic landing pages for every repair type that Computer Cave offers in their local area.  Each individual page has it’s own focus key phrase, where we optimized each individual page for that key phrase. The result is 100’s of pages optimized for individual search terms we felt their customers would be searching for on Google, and optimizing those pages to slowly build authority.

Content SEO

For Content SEO, we’re creating blog content with their users in mind.  These blogs link internally to the optimized landing pages where the content is relative.  For example, we created a blog for HDMI repair on a PS5, and that blog is fully optimized for that specific keyphrase, and internally links to their PS5 repairs page.

Each blog post is fully SEO optimized from start to finish.

Lastly, similar to how we optimized blog posts from start to finish – every single page is optimized for SEO.  This includes slug, SEO title, SEO description, image alt tags, outbound links, alternate key phrases, header titles, and more.

3.. 2.. 1.. Launch!

The final step, and our favorite - the website launch.

It is a great feeling when hours of work, collaboration, meetings, and revisions comes together to a fully finished, well built website.  Upon completion, our team transfers the website build from our build environment to the live domain overnight, so no disruptions occur.  The final steps include:


What they're saying

This entire experience with Twofold has been amazing. Twofold has been vital in helping us grow our business and are helping so much with our online presence and are absolutely killing it.

Shane Lacks, Owner

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