Combining two website experiences into one for Keating Inc.

Keating Inc provides comprehensive financial services for individuals & businesses, along with support to individual financial advisors for day-to-day tasks and paperwork.  They approached Twofold with a need to overhaul two separate website experiences into one for their 3 core audiences.

The Challenge.

Keating approached Twofold with the need for a new website that could facilitate a great user for experience for their 3 core audience members: individuals, businesses, and independent financial advisors.

One of the core challenges was that Keating had two separate websites that needed to create this above experience.  Before beginning the project, we took the time to dive into each separate website, and hone in on what goals these websites were trying to accomplish.

Then we asked the big question: how do we create a unique website experience for each audience member and make sure that – no matter what type of visitor landed on – they were able to quickly understand what Keating  does, and navigate to the part of the website that made the most sense for them.

Website Overhaul.

From 2 websites to 1 great website experience.  In the research & design phases, we wireframed the entire website experience, navigation, and more to make sure the single new website created the best experience for their audience members.

Custom Post Types.

Fully custom built post types and dynamic displays for staff, locations, teams, and resources. 

Paired relationship functions with staff and teams, and dynamic templates for each type of staff member (advisor, team, leaders).

Custom Navigation Solutions

Intuitive mega-menu’s built responsive for each device type.  Custom mobile menu navigation and responsive headers depending on device breakpoints.

Custom menu pop-ups for different needs including log-ins, portals, and more.

Processes & Training.

Training for internal Keating employees on website utilization including updating team members, pages, and more. 

Training on creating resources content, and best practices for website optimization and SEO.

Our Solutions


Homepage Design.

As always – the research and design is the foundation that supports all greater initiatives.  We started with a website brand board, information architecture, and website brand board before we started developing any content.

Every design goes through multiple revisions to ensure client happiness with the new direction.  During this phase, we also establish all H1-H6 fonts, button styles, font pairings, and favicons/logos to ensure that once we do start development, all of the pieces are place for a full website buildout.

Custom Post Types for Resources, Teams, Team Members, and Locations

Keating has multiple team members with different qualifications and segmentations.  We created multiple custom post types and listing engines to dynamically display their staff, teams, locations, and resources.

Segmented Experiences

From the start, we needed to carefully plan how we would segment each experience based on their core audiences in businesses, individuals, and independent advisors.

Brand Videos & Collateral

To support the website, we took photos and created videos to support their mission statement and culture.

We utilized the photos for banners, supporting image content, and more.

3.. 2.. 1.. Launch!

The final step, and our favorite - the website launch.

It is a great feeling when hours of work, collaboration, meetings, and revisions comes together to a fully finished, well built website.  Upon completion, our team transfers the website build from our build environment to the live domain overnight, so no disruptions occur.  The final steps include:


What they're saying

Twofold truly has an ear to hear your ideas and bring them to life! They have a keen talent that should definitely be utilized. I highly recommend them for videos and website creation!

Quinn Jacobs, Chief Operations Officer

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