How Twofold Media built Mobile Revive a website that generates over 1,000 repairs online every single year.

More KPI's


Over 1128 Facebook Leads in 6 months from Facebook ads


From 0 to 1.4 million impressions on Facebook in 2020


6 figures in  traffic value from website repair form fillouts

What they needed

A website that is always improving.

We love a challenge, and Mobile Revive gave us that. With multiple software integrations into their WordPress back-end, we had to get creative in how we linked their software into the website. Mobile Revive is a site that we will continue to improve and build upon. With the WordPress foundation, we’re given tons of options and ways we can help drive more customers to the website.

Mobile Revive continues to grow, and we continue to work on it today to link these integrations, and save Mobile Revive both time and money through developing systems that are streamlined. Repairs, Sales, Trade-ins, Mail-ins, and more under one website.

Where Do We Start?
Content, Systems, Customers.

Content, systems, and customers. First on the list was to gather the content needed for the website design – photos, videos, etc. After shooting and getting the media we needed, the next objective was to learn about Mobile Revive’s processes such as ticket creation, the software they used, and how we could integrate. Lastly, was learning about their customers. We can build and develop anything, but we needed to understand their customers, and the message we needed to convey.

The Specifics:
RepairShopr Integration

One of the more fun challenges we face when developing Mobile Revive was the integration of their back POS software – Repairshopr.  Most of our websites are built and developed in WordPress, so we had to find a solution that would integrate with WordPress, and Repairshopr didn’t have direct support.

Scaleable eCommerce & Buy-back Solutions

Mobile Revive needed a solution to not only sell their certified refurbished phones online, but also a way for customers to sell or trade-in their old devices for money back.  This would give customers incentive to purchase a new device from Mobile Revive (with trade in $) and its a win-win for everyone.  But can we streamline this all through their new website?

The process of grading the device, determining a trade in value, generating a shipping label to ship the old device, and completing the transaction will all be streamlined through the website – allowing customers to get cash in hand right away, and possibly purchase a CPO device on the Mobile Revive website.

Our custom website led to over

1000+ online repair leads in the last year alone.

With a website that is growing and having new solutions added every single day, Twofold Media works directly with Mobile Revive to generate new content to tie together the website with their social media marketing and general marketing needs.  Print ads, social media ads, google adwords campaigns to specific landing pages on their website, gift cards, giveaways, videos, pictures, and more.

The goal is to take the website we’ve worked together to build – and grow it to be a profitable tool for Mobile Revive.   See some of the content below we’ve collaborated with Mobile Revive on, and designed to keep customers informed, and hopefully brand aware.


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