How Twofold Media increased Outpost Western Stores monthly traffic value to $50,000 month over month.

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From 0 to 996 online orders in 6 months (avg order value of $225)


From 0 to 140,000 new, interested shoppers driven in 6 months


0% to 44% Month over Month growth in online sales

What they needed


Creating a marketing funnel that made sense for their business.

We love a challenge, and a company that’s looking to start selling it’s unique custom products is exactly what we look for in a client.  The more we learned more about Outpost Boots Western Store, the more we realized this wasn’t just a standard website build out.  This was taking a product you can’t find anywhere else, and bringing it to the masses.  We wanted to show Outpost that there are thousands of customers out there looking to buy the boots they were selling.  We did and continue to expand their sales channels and advertising methods to bring people back to their website and close the deal.  Using tools such as a Google Merchant feed and integrating a Facebook Pixel into their website. When someone visited their website but didn’t purchase, we could re-target that individual on their own Facebook & Instagram.  This is one example solution that we’ve implemented: we have more.

Where Do We Start?
The Customer Experience and the Shopify Buildout.

Integrating multiple sales funnels and driving new customers to their website was the challenge, but isn’t where we started.  A sales funnel is only as good as the website and shopping experience allows it to be.  Our first goal was to build the Shopify site and completely overhaul their inventory, product names, collections, tags, and how they organized their selling structure online.

We wanted to make the shopping experience a great experience – so that when we started to spend money driving new customers to their website, we weren’t losing potential customers all because they couldn’t find what they were looking for.  The website is the foundation that ties everything together in the sales funnel.

The Specifics:
Driving new traffic, and acquiring new customers.

Since integrating a Merchant Feed for their custom boots, and advertising their boots on Google, we’ve have over 7.83 million impressions.  This was the results for their Merchant Ads alone, and doesn’t include impressions from Facebook, Instagram, Custom Ad Sets, or any other advertising method.

For any business, you have to identify what works best for their product or service.  In this case, we knew Google Merchant was going to be a great tool for driving new sales.

Facebook / Instagram Shopping and Retargeting

Once we had the Google pipeline in place and generating revenue for Outpost Boots, the next step was to setup auto-updating catalog feeds for their boots on Facebook & Instagram.  Their Instagram generates a lot of organic traffic from people who are fans of their custom boots, so providing quick access to shop those items straight from their Instagram was going to be key.

Along with setting up these feeds, we integrated the Facebook Pixel onto their website where we will start re-targeting users we capture from our Google Ads.  In bigger terms, we’re completing the pipeline and maximizing our ad conversion by making sure we follow every warm customer we get.  If we pay for someone to visit the Outpost site from google, then we want to follow up with that person in every way we can – even going as far as displaying ads on their Facebook.  Here is a simple breakdown image.

Our Ecommerce marketing efforts led to

A 600% Increase in yearly revenues via their online store and a new 6 figure revenue source.

As our clients grow, we do too.  Not every solution is simple and straightforward.  With Outpost Boots, their continued growth is not only because of their willingness to try new solutions, but their clear passion for custom boots.  They love what they do, we love what we do, and our combined passions lead to the best outcomes and long term success.  

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