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Outpost Western Store  is a family-owned western store located in Manhattan, KS that sells custom cowboy boots, western hat wear, apparel, & more.  They approached Twofold Media with a need for an eCommerce Website to open the door to a new sales channel, and continued growth.

The Challenge.

Outpost Western Store approached us with a need for a complete ecommerce overhaul.  They needed a brand new website that was clean, easy to use, and made buying boots plain simple.  They also needed a  new platform that combined their inventory management and allowed for seamless selling both in-store & online.

Where do we start?  Training and preparing a company for new processes in inventory management, shipping, fulfillment, product management, and more can seem like a large mountain to climb – but that’s exactly what we did.

Step by step, we worked closely with the owners & their staff to help them develop processes around all the small facets that go into running a successful ecommerce store.

Website Overhaul.

From lightspeed, to Shopify, to Shopify 2.0 – we helped Outpost navigate the waters that is the always evolving ecommerce world.  We built a new Shopify 2.0 website that is clean, fast, and extremely easy to use.

Processes & Training.

Processes are pivotal for managing a brick & mortar/ecommerce hybrid.  Good processes make for a seamless experience for any customer, whether they were shopping online or in-store.

Inventory Migrations.

Moving & migrating tens of thousands of SKUs and products can be frightening.  This was an in-person task, where we got to spend time in their store and make sure that our migration didn’t disrupt normal shopping.

Ecommerce Growth.

What’s next?  Successful ecommerce requires more than just a beautiful website.  From here, we created a roadmap for growth that included email marketing & automations, paid ad spend, rewards programs, & more.

Our Solutions


The Results.


increase in year over year revenue from 2020 to 2021.


89% increase in online orders placed from 2020 to 2021.


return on ad spend (no really, almost a 10x return on ad spend)

Shopify 2.0 rebuild.

As always – the website is the foundation that supports all greater initiatives.  We focused on building Outpost Western Store a whole new, full optimized website experience that was quick, easy, and made buying a pair of boots feel great.

The new website combined with in-store photography, custom product pages, and more makes shopping at an experience that customers truly enjoy, which reflects in the data.

Paid Ads Management

Google Ads, Analytics, & Merchant

With a well built website, the obvious next step is to start building great funnels.  First, it means targeting shoppers who were looking for what Outpost had to sell.  We heavily utilize their merchant feed, coupled with smart shopping ads & dynamic search campaigns to bolster their sales.

Over a year of optimizing, keyword negating, audience & product segmentation – and the results speak for themselves with a huge 8.79x return on ad spend on google alone.

FB/Instagram Paid Ads

Stretching your ad dollar as far as possible means educating your customers, even when they’re not on your website.  We utilized dynamic catalog retargeting campaigns along with education retargeting to not just try and sell a customer on their product, but earn those customers through authenticity.

Even with the data restriction updates, we’ve pivoted on using FB/Instagram in ways to make customers feel wanted instead of selling, which has proved to still be valuable.

Email Drip/Marketing & Rewards Programs

Email Drip Campaigns & Standard Campaigns

Drip campaigns & email collection is ecommerce 101, and is something we utilize daily for Outpost.  With an extensive catalog of drip automations built out – we’re connecting with customers in many different ways.  Couple this with a standard campaign schedule, and their email marketing is adding 10’s of thousands to their revenue alone.

Customer Rewards Program & Affiliation Links

Along with a new 2.0 website launch, we launched the “Cowpunchers’ Club” which gets us even closer to replicating their awesome in-store experience.  Customers get birthday coupons, incentive to share, and of course points back on every single purchase.  Most importantly – it’s completely free.

The fruits of our collaboration

It can’t be overstated – to grow successfully requires trust and buying into what we know works.  Outpost made our job easy – they treat every customer incredibly well and go above & beyond.  We knew that if we could replicate that magic online, they would be just as successful.

2020 vs. 2021

What they're saying

“We were looking for someone to help us with our website for our retail store, Outpost Western Store, and were referred to Twofold by a friend. It was one of the best decisions we made going with Twofold Media. They were able to build us a new website through Shopify, boost our SEO and full handle our online advertising. Charlie & Dennis are extremely patient (we are not the most tech savvy), they are excellent problem solvers and are very responsive. We’ve been blown away by the results of their work and our online business continues to grow. We would recommend them to any business that’s needing help on the online front.

Ty Mosier, Partner & Owner​

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