Creating content marketing materials for client success

Siemens Advanta is the leader in digital transformation, and specializes in custom digital solutions for all kinds of industries. They approached Twofold Media with a need for thoughtful, quality content material for their projects; including in-depth infographics, landing pages, email templates, social media content, and more.

The Challenge.

Siemens Advanta develops complex and unique digital solutions for all types of industries.

With such a variety of complex solutions, they wanted to create a large portfolio of clean & easy to understand marketing materials for their potential clients.

For every project – we took the time to really understand the problem presented, and how Siemens Advanta developed custom solutions for those problems.  This meant workshops and education sessions with their engineers & experts to truly understand the solutions before we created any material.

The materials needed had two very straightforward objectives; to be easily and quickly digestible for their potential clientele, and to be useable on a multitude of platforms – including email, landing pages, social media, and more.


Each project required an in-depth understanding of what their solution offering was, and the technical accomplishments behind it.  Our team met with their engineers & technological experts to fully understand how their solutions worked.  This was essential to not only nail the design, but the goal behind it.


Along with education, collaboration was key in delivering the full projects on time for all platforms.  It meant meeting with developers for their landing pages; the sales team for the content follow-ups; the marketing teams for social media content; and more.



Our Solution & Deliverables.

Top-to-bottom deliverables per project in the form of in-depth infographics, email templates, landing page designs, social media posts, animated videos, & more.

Each project and its deliverables supports both their marketing teams & sales teams.  For each project, a client can become educated through a landing page, well-timed emails, videos, and social media posts – all relevant to the same project they initially showed interest in.

Landing Page Content

Animated Explainer Videos

With any landing page – you only have about 15 seconds to capture an individual before they either decide to leave the page, or continue educating themselves.  A quick explainer video is more engaging and easier to digest while not giving away the whole basket.

Custom Icons

And Liftoff!

With the content created, we continue to support Siemens Advanta in not only creating new content, but also the strategy for previous content utilization.

It is a incredible feeling when hours of workshops, education, & collaboration come together to create finished product. Siemens now has an arsenal of marketing material to work with, and we continue to expand that arsenal through continued work together.

“We recently had Twofold redesign our website and couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and quality provided by their team. It was refreshing to have a company truly work as a partner who shares not only the same enthusiasm for the project, but also a no-compromise commitment to quality.”

-Morgan Hall, Chief Marketing Officer


What they're saying

Twofold made such a HUGE impact on our collateral, brand and what we put in front of potential clients on a daily basis. They have been amazing to work with.

Morgan Watson, Senior Marketing Manager

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