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Our animations tell your story in a refreshing way.

An animation for your business can accomplish many goals.  Whether you’re needing something in-house to engage new hires, or a video to outline what your company does – our animation can tell that story.  Beyond animated video, we’re capable of high-quality 3D product renders, iPhone application animation, and more.



Animated Storytelling

Animation storytelling is a unique way to inform customers about what your business does or can do for them.  Telling a story through animation creates an emotional connection right away as it feels less like an advertisement.  We have a whole process from start to finish.

Our process starts with creating a storyboard, and outlining from start to finish what your story is and how we’re going to tell it.  We aid in developing a script, a voice-over, music track, and finally the animation that brings all of these things together.


Explanation & Education

Do you operate as a service business or a business with a process?  We can help.  With an animated video, we can describe your process to consumers who may be confused or unclear of what it is your business does.  Whether this is a software as a service or something similar, sometimes a video outlining everything clearly step-by-step goes a long way.

We would start by outlining each step in the process, and then develop a script based upon each step.  From there, we create a voice-over, music track, and finally the animation to clearly show each step in the process.


3D Product Renders

3D product renders can be a huge addition to many businesses.  If you have a product with many layers and complexities, a 3D model can explore those complexities and break it apart, piece by piece.  Being able to show a customer your product and what makes it stand above the competition is something we’re capable of.

Our process starts with understanding your product, even down to its correct dimensions.  We’re able to model, texture, and animate products with however many variations necessary.  We use industry-standard software for modeling and texturing, and the post compositing in the Adobe Suite.


Logo Animation

You have a great logo, but in your video introductions you feel like it needs more.  We can help.  No reason to spend more money on making a new logo just for it to be animated.  We can take your current logo, break it up into sections and pieces and create an animation that fits your business.

Our process starts with a high quality vector of your logo.  We’re able to save the different elements separately, and build the animation piece by piece.  We use fluid animation and time graph editing to make your logo animation feel smooth and complete.  We will create the animation, and deliver it multiple formats for it to be used in any situation necessary.


  • 1. Storyboarding
  • 2. Script Development
  • 3. Animation & Voiceover
  • 4. Revision & Refinement
  • 5. Completion


Good animation is just good. Great animation requires a story and collaboration. In the first part of the process, we look at what story we're trying to tell, whether it's a simple process explanation or something that will engage customers and result in conversions. Each animation starts with a story, no matter what.