Digital Marketing and Paid Advertising


Open up new revenue streams with different ways to digitally market your business.  At Twofold Media, we manage digital marketing campaigns that utilize your website as a tool to convert visitors into customers.  Learn more about how we can help.

No more guessing if your ads are profitable.

We take pride in being completely transparent on ad performance, and being data-driven on funnel performance.  We take the guessing out of knowing if your monthly ad spend is driving a real return on your investment.  Read more about the advertising we’re best at, and how we can scale your digital marketing to drive new leads, sales, & more.

Results based data-driven marketing

Advertising for Business to Business.

We deliver digital marketing assets & strategies that drives relevant traffic and leads. Different from B2C, we curate our B2B digital marketing strategies to focus on educating prospects and marketing for the long-term.  This includes:

  • Understanding your sales channels, longer sales cycles, and educating leads to make them ready for your sales team.
  • Scoring & Qualifying leads through website interactions, email opens, social media interactions, & more.
Reach out to learn more about how we combine beautiful creative with industry breaking technologies to elevate businesses all over the world.

B2C Case Study - Mobile Revive

See how we optimized Mobile Revives digital presence & boosted their lead generation to over 1000 leads in the last year alone.

High-quality services with a high quality experience

Advertising for Business to Consumer.

Advertising for business to consumers is far more transactional in nature, and requires focusing more on selling your service and convincing a customer to make a buying decision.  How do we do that?

  • Have a near-perfect customer experience through your website (something we can help with!)
  • Focus on the high-value proposition and time efficiency.

At the end of the day, if you offer a high-quality service coupled with positive reviews and a great website experience – advertising becomes much, much easier.

Paid advertising, email drip campaigns, and more

Advertising for Ecommerce.

There are many facets to digital marketing for an Ecommerce website, and that starts with your customers shopping experience and branches out from there.  Interested in our digital marketing services for Ecommerce?  Read more on our full service breakdown.


Email Drip Campaigns, Automations, Sign-Ups, & List Building


Facebook Pixel, Catalog Feed, & Dynamic Advertising


Google Ads & Analytics, Merchant, Dynamic Search Ads


Reviews & Rewards programs, User Generated Content


Custom Meta-Fields for Refined Product Management & Filter


Custom Product Pages, Collections Pages, & Full Inventory Tagging

Download a full B2B Pardot & Salesforce Implementation Presentation.

Want to see a real presentation used by Twofold Media for a multi-national B2B client?  Feel free to download our presentation.

Website Projects

Bar meets Dog Park!

Metal Buildings Construction Company

Housing Construction & Projects

IT Website


Repair Store

Sneaker Ecommerce

Family Chiropractic

Bar K Dog Bar

A high-end custom website build for a dog bar & restaurant experience.

Primal Beef Jerky

An Ecommerce website build for a beef jerky company.


A high-end custom built Ecommerce website for a local gun retailer.

The Arsenal

A high-end Ecommerce website for a local supplement company in Wichita, KS.

Rosies Workwear

A custom Ecommerce website to sell coveralls & overalls for women.


A high-end, fully custom Ecommerce website for a handcrafted Italian jewelry company.

Outpost Western Store

A high-end Ecommerce site for custom cowboy boots, western wear, & hats.

Heritage Builders

A high-end website experience for a custom home builder company in Manhattan, KS.

The Collab Club

A fully custom single page website for a hand made shoe release.