Jump into new revenue streams by selling online.  At Twofold Media, we’re the only agency you’ll need to rely on to make the transition to Ecommerce.  Learn more about how we can help.

We make online shopping easier than ever.

Moving into Ecommerce can feel overwhelming.  There is a lot that goes into an Ecommerce website – such as which platform to choose, inventory management, and even the ins and outs of Ecommerce marketing.  At Twofold Media, we are full service when it comes to both full Ecommerce Integration and Ecommerce Technical Marketing.  Learn more below.

Choosing your platform

Ecommerce Websites & Integrations.

The first step is understanding your product, and which platform will work best to sell that product.  Some stores work great with Shopify, and some stores it makes more sense to use WordPress/WooCommerce + Elementor.  We can help you navigate this decision and be confident that you’ll on a platform that will benefit you for years.

Paid advertising, email drip campaigns, and more

Ecommerce Technical Marketing.

You’re live!  But.. no one is buying anything?  There could be many reasons someone decides not to make a buying decision on your store – whether there is a disconnect in the experience, or maybe you haven’t built up enough trust.  With the right tools and automations in place, you can slowly turn website visitors into royal customers.  Here’s how we can help.


Email Drip Campaigns, Automations, Sign-Ups, & List Building


Reviews & Rewards programs, User Generated Content


Facebook Pixel, Catalog Feed, & Dynamic Advertising


Google Ads & Analytics, Merchant, Dynamic Search Ads


Custom Meta-Fields for Refined Product Management & Filter


Custom Product Pages, Collections Pages, & Full Inventory Tagging


Quickbooks or Preferred Accounting Software Integrations


Shipping Setup (Stamps, Shipstation, or Third Party Integrations)

For the best shopping experience

Built & Designed for a seamless shopping experience on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Devices.

More than 70% of your users will come to your website via a mobile device.  If they can’t filter and sort products well, they’re most likely not going to make a purchase. Is your current website built to create a great experience for users that come from any device?

Your Free Guide to Ecommerce Website Marketing in 2021.

We’re pretty transparent when it comes to the work we will do to help your business grow.  In fact, we wrote a guide on almost everything we do to help other stores succeed.

Featured Ecommerce Projects.

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