Automate emails, build segmented lists, and start sending your customers relevant content.  Learn more about how we can elevate your email marketing to the next level.

Guess what? Email marketing still works.

Did you know for every $1 you spend on on email marketing, you’ll see an average return of anywhere from $38-$40?  Even if you aren’t sending regular campaigns – setting up automations & having well built email funnels can result in purchases, leads, & more.  Read more about how we can help.

Turn website visitors into loyal customers

Start Building Your Email List and Qualifying Your Leads.

If you aren’t building an email list, you’re leaving potential customers behind.  By offering great incentive to join your email list, and following up with engaging, thoughtful email marketing – you can turn website visitors in loyal customers.


Customer added an item to their cart, but didn't make a purchase

Is the value of the cart less than $100?

Is the value of the cart greater than $100?


Wait 12 Hours


Wait 12 Hours


Send "$5 Off" Coupon for the lower value of their cart


Send "$10 Off" Coupon for the higher value of their cart

Let your email marketing work for you

Email Automations & Drip Campaigns.

Email automations and drip campaigns are essential to the foundation of email marketing.  Unlike standard email campaigns, well-planned automations & drip campaigns lead users on a journey from cold sign-ups, to closed leads/customers.

Let email automations work for you!  To learn more about drip campaigns & journeys, reach out to us for a free evaluation on what kind of automations would work well for your company.

Elevate your B2B marketing through

Lead Scoring & Lead Grading.

From opening emails to downloading your content, users get scored for all of their individual actions.  We decide with your sales team the most valuable actions they can take to score into automated sales handover.

Leads come in many roles and industries.  We work with your sales team to understand which criteria are more important to your business, and grade them accordingly.

How we can help.

Ecommerce Email Marketing

Twofold Media has in depth experience with Ecommerce email platforms such as Klaviyo, Drip, & more.  We can help assist with multiple email / SMS automations & triggers for Ecommerce stores.  

B2B Email Marketing

We have extensive experience in Pardot / Salesforce & Active Campaign, where we can build campaigns, track/score/grade leads, and input those leads into your sales channels.

B2C Email Marketing

Email marketing is just as effective for service & B2C, too.  We can set up drip campaigns to nurture sign-ups, and turn first time visitors into loyal customers through extended drip campaigns.

Website Projects

Bar meets Dog Park!

Metal Buildings Construction Company

Housing Construction & Projects

Financial Services


Repair Store

Sneaker Ecommerce

IT Services

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