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With Twofold managing your social media, you get a designer, photographer, social post manager and more.

Social media takes time, energy, and most importantly, consistency.  For many of the clients we’ve helped, their biggest issue was sticking to a social media schedule, and keeping the posts coming.  With Twofold, you get everything listed above and more. Let us manage your pages, copy, and schedule so you can focus on your business.



Custom Designer

At Twofold, we have professional designers in house who are fluent in Illustrator, Photoshop, and more. With social media, your delivery needs to look and feel professional, especially on advertisements.  The more enticing the advertisement, the greater the chance of success.

Under our social media services, anytime you need a graphic or design – you can submit it through our ticketing system and it will reach our team right away.  Our goal is to be your businesses design team, so you don’t have to hire one yourself.


Personal Photographer

Never struggle with content again.
With Twofold managing your social, you’ll have a photographer at your business every month, for every event, to capture your business in the moment. Whether it’s an employee gathering, work Christmas party, or outside event – we will be there.

Having a photographer capture these moments is key to successful social media. Organic growth comes from engagement, and on social media users love to see what is “happening”. They don’t always want sales or advertisements, they want to feel like they’re apart of your business.


Monthly Schedules

Where most businesses fail is sticking to social media and being consistent.  The problem is, you’ve got a business to run and don’t have time to be worrying about 2-3 posts per week.  So make it our job, it’s what we do for a living.  We create objectives at the beginning of every month, and communicate events that we need to be present for in your business.

Once we’ve communicated these events it’s all put into a calendar to hold both your business and ours accountable to get these posts out there!  Communication is essential to make a working social media management relationship.


Analytical Feedback

Something we believe sets us apart from our competitors is specialization in analytical feedback.  The data you gather from your posts and engagements is key in growing your pages.  You find out what posts work and which ones didn’t.  You find out the times your customers are on Facebook, and are the most engaging.  You find out more about your customer.

We create feedback reports quarterly, and we can analyze and compare to see how the growth of your page is doing, and if the campaign we worked together to create is working.  From the feedback, we can fine tune and adjust posts to find the most growth.


  • 1. Monthly Collaboration
  • 2. Content
  • 3. Design
  • 4. Schedule
  • 5. Feedback

Monthly Collaboration

Collaboration is key. The first part of the process is getting on the same page, with the same game plan. Communication is constant, but once monthly we will put together a plan for the month. This plan sets up the rest of our process.