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Our videos elevate your business, and provide visual tools for your customers.

A video can serve many purposes for your business.  It can educate customers about your products, and add value to your business that your competitors don’t have.  Whether it’s educational, informative, or telling a story – it sets you apart.  At twofold, all our video work is shot on Red with composition and editing done in house.  Read more about our capabilities.



Video Storytelling

Video storytelling is a way to take the passion you have for your business, and put it into a video.  Whether you own a shoe store, to a coffee shop, everyone has a story of how their business came to be – tell yours.  Create an emotional connection with your potential customers right away, by showing them the face of your business, and telling your story.

Our video process starts with taking your story and mapping it into an outline of how we’re going to tell it through video.  Twofold will aid in developing the script, voice-over, music track, and finally the videography work to bring it all together.


Corporate Solutions

Corporate solutions may not tell a compelling story but are essential to businesses whose customers rely on videos to understand a product or service.  Our corporate solutions range from video quick tips to full production videos on a service or product.   Some products/services require many videos to cover aiding a customer should they need it.

Corporate solutions extend beyond just making videos about what your business does.  They exist to help your customers and streamline questions your customers may have in an informative, well-structured video.


Interview Style

Interview style videos allow for a business owner to get behind the camera, and talk about their business comfortably.  It’s about asking the right questions to prompt genuine, passionate responses.  As an owner, your business is your livelihood, so telling people about it is easy.  Doing it behind a camera, accompanied by the right footage is the hard part.

With this setup, we go all out.  In an interview setup, you want your main subject shot, side close-ups, subject lighting, and more.  We shoot and add B-Roll, audio, and finally a complete product to bring it all together.


All In-House

Everything we produce and create at Twofold Media is done in house.  The Red Camera, lighting, audio, and post-process editing is all owned and accomplished in house by us.  Our philosophy follows: how can we capture and produce a video that accurately portrays your business if we’re sending the video and audio to someone who knows nothing about your business.

We create by inspiration.  The more we learn about your business and the goals you want to accomplish, the more inspired we become with the opportunity to provide that service.


  • 1. Exploration
  • 2. Script & Storyboard
  • 3. Shoot Day
  • 4. Revisions
  • 5. Completion


The first step in the process is learning more about your business, and what kind of video it needs. Will it be for new hires? Customers? What style of video will you need? These are the questions we will ask as we learn more about your business in the exploration phase.