Sparking the digital presence of Missouri Humanities

The Missouri Committee for the Humanities was formed in 1971 and originally setup to serve as a grantmaker to humanist and cultural institutions in Missouri. They approached Twofold with a need for a complete website rebuild – including end-user research, full mockups for their core pages, a fully custom website build, and finally website launch and continued support.

The Challenge.

Missouri Humanities mission is dedicated to enriching lives and strengthening communities by connecting Missourians with the people, places, and ideas that shape our society. With that mission, they needed a website that created a great experience for the end users. This included a reworked grant experience, how to get involved, becoming a member, and more.

Before beginning the project, we took the time to understand what problems their old website wasn’t solving for their users, and how a new website experience could solve those problems and address the above.

Once we gained an understanding of their business and how best to serve their end users, we set to build them a new website that would take their services and community offerings to the next level.

Our Solutions

UI/UX Design
Website Mockup
Full-Stack Development
Custom Post Types & Dynamic Display
Unique Integrations
Lottie Animations

A Redefined Homepage Experience

The challenge of the Missouri Humanities homepage included many factors. We aimed to design a beautiful home page that not only looked amazing, but also facilitated a great end-user experience. With multiple audiences to cater to, this meant really understanding the purpose of each section on the home page, and what order we wanted those sections to be in.

As a user goes through the home page, the goal is to quickly educate that end-user on who Missouri Humanities is and what they do. Next, the experience needs to guide the user quickly to find the resources or needs they’re looking for – whether that’s getting involved, submitting a grant, hiring a speaker, or attending an event.

Dynamic Headers, Mega-menus, and custom Mobile/Tablet Menu Rollout

Every page is an experience. For the website, we built customs headers, mega-menus, and more sitewide. If someone visited a page with nice bold, dark background, we wanted to display a custom white header that really popped out. For other specific pages, we wanted our typical filled in header to display.

For each of these headers, we created custom mega-menu modules upon hover for a stand-out desktop experience. We also created custom breakpoints throughout screen resizing, so that the header menu would never collapse on itself, and instead transition to a clean, user friendly mobile tablet menu. We often see header menus that stack and resize, throwing off the formatting and taking up too much space at the top.

Advanced Post Type buildout for Blogs, Resources, & Magazines

Lastly, Missouri Humanities has an arsenal of resources, blogs, and digital magazines they publish. We needed a robust Custom Post Type that could organize and facilitate all of these things, and display specific categories of items on a per page basis. For example, on the blog page, it’ll only show blog posts and allow sort and filter for those blog posts, but they all still remain under one custom post type umbrella.

To elevate the experience more-so, we created custom design loop modules for different categories. For magazines, you get a nice full listing that shows the entire publication cover, and leads to a custom designed single post type page. For blogs & resources, those also get their own custom designed loop modules to standout from the magazines.

3.. 2.. 1.. Launch!

The final step, and our favorite - the website launch.

It is a great feeling when hours of work, collaboration, meetings, and revisions comes together to a fully finished, well built website.  Upon completion, our team transfers the website build from our build environment to the live domain overnight, so no disruptions occur.  The final steps include:


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